Engine 700 cc 50 horse power for fiat 500 f-l-r “super sport” model by d’angelo motori

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Engine 700 cc 50 horse power for fiat 500 f-l-r “super sport” model by d’angelo motori

– stamped cylinder and pistons kit d.80 compression ratio 39
– piston rods with reversded h l.118
– regenerated motor shaft
– flywheel in stainless steel kg 4.5
– pulley kit with belt poly v
– complete balancing engine
– monoduct head worked with guides and seats in berillo bronze, polishing ducts, intake and exhaust
– increased valves 36/30 stem 8
– increased springs pack
– camshaft made of nitrided steel 45/75
– complete distribution kit anti-vibrations
– manganese phosphatised bucket tappets kit
– increased oil pump
– belt tensioning kit with bearing
– complete revision alternator
– increased- weld- balanced- bronzed cooling fan
– front and rear bench supports
– series of trimetallinc bushing rod std
– inspected distributor
– fuel pump protecting cap d’angelo motori
– oil pan “d’angelo motori” 4kg with oil temeperature bulb
– stainless steel exhaust pipe “race model” head attachment
–  steel clamps kit for exhaust pipe “race” type
– stainless steel exhaust gaskets
– new double body carburetor weber d.40 dcoe
– monoduct head inlet manifold double body carburetor
– alluminium carburetor spacer with sleeves
– carburetor support bracket
– complete inspection distributor with aluminium cover “d’angelo motori”
– kit of telescopic cases with spring pushord cover tappets and silicone rubbers
– pair of candels ngk
– inspected distribution timing case cover
– varnishig of “italian flags” carters with pearl colors ( there is the possibility to vary the colors of carters)
– controlled  and tested engine, ready to be assembled.