Engine kit 700 cc step 2 engine base 126

Code: D3140

Kit 700 cc “step 2” engine processing for vintage Fiat 126

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The engine tuning kit for vintage Fiat 126 in the “Step 2” version consists of:

Group of cast iron cylinders and molded pistons diameter 79.5 mm, compression height 25 mm

Pair of inverted H steel connecting rods, length 130 mm

Standard trimetallic connecting rod bearings series (4 pcs)

40/80 steel camshaft

Road tappet glasses

Reeds kit with rubber tips (5 pcs)

Distribution kit complete with gaskets and crankshaft oil seal

Lavazza “Corsa” stainless steel exhaust with gaskets and bolts

Lavazza racing exhaust bracket

4 L “D’Angelo” aluminum oil pan

Reinforced street fan

The kit fits without the cylinder head gasket. It is recommended based on our experience as preparers and all the material is made in Italy!